Tevatron Electroweak Working Group




Charge: combine results from CDF and on electroweak physics,
including results from other experiments and interpretations

A public mailing list called TEV-EWWG exists for interested people. To sign up, send an email to Leave the subject line blank. In the body, put (without the quotes) "SUBSCRIBE TeV-EWWG". The list owners will then add you to the mailing list.

We also have restricted mailing lists, for people working on the internals of the CDF+Dě combinations. If you are a member of either CDF or Dě, and an author of one of the analyses being combined or contributing to the combination effort, please subscribe to one of the restricted lists instead, either: CDF-D0-TOP-INTERNAL-COMBINATIONS for top-quark combinations, or: CDF-D0-WZ-INTERNAL-COMBINATIONS for W/Z combinations. The list owners will add you after checking with the conveners of the relevant CDF or Dě group. In this case there is no need to subscribe to the public TEV-EWWG list as you'll automatically get the messages sent there as well.

There is also the LEP Electroweak Working Group

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